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Both the website and the software are still in development. Feel free to post comments, feedback, and feature requests here. For issues with a specific version, it would be best to leave your comment on the software download page if comments are available.

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  1. Joel Griggs says:

    I downloaded the add-in and loaded on Excel. I followed the instructions for making sure that it loads up during start-up, but every time I close the program and re-open it, your program isn’t loaded and the check box is un-checked again. Any suggestions?

    • ctdragondev says:

      It is often the case with Office Add-Ins that you have to run the application as an administrator (Right-click, run as administrator) to enable or disable them.
      1. Right-click, then click “Run as administrator”
      2. Go through the steps you went through to enable it (check the box)
      3. Exit the application
      4. Start it again normally
      Try these steps. I will test it as well in the mean time.

    • CTDragonDev says:

      I checked my installation, and I did not have this issue. I do sometimes have this issue on the computer I am developing with though, and my previous post normally fixes it. If it doesn’t work, please post the version of Office you are using, the version of Windows, and make sure you have the .net 4 framework installed(http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=17851.

      • Joel Griggs says:

        Win 7 Pro 64 sp1
        Office Pro Plus 2010 ver 14

        • CTDragonDev says:

          I take it my solution of running Excel as an administrator, enabling the add-in, exiting and opening Excel back up again did not work for you?

          I may have figured out our bug. Every time you open a document that is in protected view, the Add-in is disabled. This shouldn’t be too hard to fix in a future release. I will add it to our bug tracking.

          Thank you for your comments.

  2. Joel Griggs says:

    Also, I realized that this is kinda a good thing, otherwise it would save EVERY file I work on to Drive. This way I can just load the add-in for files I want to sync. But that’s a pain in the butt. Can you develop a toolbar like Google Cloud Sync had that allows you to decide which files get synced and which don’t. Or even just having a manual sync button would be great.

    • CTDragonDev says:

      Sorry for the late reply.

      That sounds like a simple feature request, however I don’t think adding visual components to the interface that Microsoft provides will begin until the spring. We are looking into some development tools that will help with that, but they are expensive.

      With that said, I’m sure I could find some way to implement a simple switch in the mean time sooner than that.

  3. star says:

    this only sync word documents ? not saved favorites at internet explorer?
    only into Google drive ?not into xmarks ?

  4. jaavierg says:

    When you want to install the application to excel tells me that the application can not abir SFSO-E.vsto. Can you help me please.
    I have Windows 7 Pro 32 bit with service pack 1, I have installed framework 4 and office 2007.

    • CTDragonFinance says:

      Download the file, extract it, then double-click the setup.exe in the folder labeled “Excel” to install this plugin for Excel. If you would like it in Word, double-click the setup.exe inside the folder labeled “Word”

  5. dhowardx says:

    Win8 asks me what I want to open the .exe with. How do I complete the install to Word 2007, and what are the instructions from there?

  6. fillawea says:

    Is there a way to install this as a remote installation? For example, via Group Policy? Does it need to be installed for each user profile on Windows 7? Also, I get an error regarding an unrecognized Root Certificate on installation. Is this something that is going to be corrected?

    • CTDragonDev says:

      First of all, thank you for your interest in the program.

      This currently uses Microsoft ClickOnce installers, the installation interface you see is just a way prevent the end user from having to run multiple installers for Word, Excel etc. You could potentially set a policy to install this, but I would have to send you the raw install files. You would also need to have your domain controller install my certificates like this forum describes.

      For the root certificate, short answer, yes. I will be updating how the program is installed. Make sure you click yes in every dialog (even the security warnings). See the following video for an installation walk-through. If you still have problems, please let me know.
      Installation Video

      With all of that said. This is still in its infancy. We are currently producing a beta release. There is still some stuff that needs to be worked out before the official version is released. If you are truly interested in this software, you are in a good position because you could potentially have a strong influence on the features we develop including installation methods. Just let me know issues you are having, or features you desire, and I can make changes for you.

      I will try to post a section with known issues. For one, I think the version for Word is not working for Office 2013, but it is for Office 2010. I am currently converting the project to an adx project (Add-In Express) to reduce the amount of work involved in supporting multiple versions of Office. This will also allow us to speed up development and produce more professional looking installers, including msi installers for more friendly remote installations.

      I will also try to post a section with future features as well. After the conversion, we will add a ribbon item for setting user options for the program, then we will work on building a revision manager into Office so that you don’t have to go to Google Drive to manage your revisions and so that you can preview revisions more easily.

      Please let me know if you have any more questions.

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